Something I wrote at the beginning of summer

I started off the summer by helping my friend move into her new apartment in the middle of the night. We borrowed a large cart from our dorm’s lobby, which was meant for transporting heavy objects. Typically, it was only used to carry people’s belongings from their room to their car right outside of the building. But we decided to load it up with everything she owned, and roll it down the dark streets of Boston to her apartment at 2am. We took turns pushing the massive cart up steep hills, watching out for occasional vehicle that needed to get by. When we finally arrived, she gave me a tour of her apartment, which smelled like fresh wooden floors and paint. She took me out to the balcony, and showed me the outdoor pool, where she saw her first wild skunk. She ran away, scared, and we took turns riding the cart back to our dorm. We needed to make another trip, but we took a break first, and shared a pint of green tea ice cream. By the time we finally finished moving all of her stuff to the apartment, we were exhausted. I slept really well that night.

I spent my last days in Boston with my friends. We ate chocolate crepes at Max Brenner just before they closed, and visited a cat that lived in a convenience store on the way back. We went to Fridays late at night, several times, slightly tipsy on one occasion, sharing spinach and artichoke dip and cake.

I want this summer to be special, a summer filled with eating frozen yogurt with my friends, going to graduation parties, watching movies, meeting new people. Laughing and partying. Sleeping beside a boy I really like. Driving to the beach with my friend, admiring the beautiful mansions and smoking a J out the window while listening to our favorite song.

This is how summer should feel. These are the moments that make life amazing.

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